Celebrating Pride Month At Obroi : ORIGINAL MINERAL

Even though June is coming to an end, we will continue to celebrate Pride long after the parades have stopped. With the help of our Love Your Own Self Collection, you can make a bold fashion statement while expressing your uniqueness and defying expectations. No of the month, show off your pride in vibrant outfits you'll want to keep in your rotation.

What is Pride Month and its history?

I have had the good fortune to draw inspiration from many other women over the course of my life, but my mother continues to be the one who gave me the perspective to perceive them. Today, pride is a celebration of how individuals may unite in friendship and love. But the happy occasion wasn't always glamorous; in fact, it had a very humble beginning. You may dust off your rainbow flags, cover yourself in glitter, and get light every June thanks to the Stonewall revolt. Honouring those participating for the month. 

Mesh and crocheted outfit ideas for Pride

Crochet and mesh are essentials for summer fashion. Summer is the time to reveal a little skin, so don't be shy about it.